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Innovative Special Education Advocacy


We are leaders in the field of special educational advocacy in Massachusetts.
Although we specialize in Dyslexia and reading impairments, we proudly represent children with emotional and learning disabilities, developmental delays, and other social or communication impairments.
Providing skilled counsel and advocacy, we will stand by your side from the first team meeting to Bureau of Special Education Appeals.

Practice Areas


School Discipline

We aggressively defend children who have been expelled, excluded, or dismissed from their schools, as well as those who wish to challenge a suspension or other disciplinary action. If you or your child is involved in a school discipline action and is facing possible dismissal, suspension, or expulsion from your school or program, please call us immediately.

Special Education

Our Special Education team is dedicated to advocating for children with disabilities and their families. Our first priority is to assist the entire family, helping them understand the process, and make sense of the sometimes convoluted path the school has taken them down; understanding the process will help with the frustration you may be feeling.  We read and then explain the testing that has been completed, and more often than not will suggest that the school conduct further evaluations.  We continue to navigate the Individualized Education Programs (IEP’s), review documents such as IEP’s, attend Team meetings, protect Special Education students under the Massachusetts Anti-Bullying law, negotiate with the school district and/or school attorney, advocate for proper services and accommodations, and represent students and their families in front of the Bureau of Special Education Appeals.  


The Massachusetts Anti-Bullying law is in effect and schools MUST implement their bullying prevention plans. Although the purpose of the Anti-Bullying law is to prevent bullying in schools, the law creates various problematic issues for all those involved. These issues not only affect the schools but extend to victims of bullying, the persons accused of bullying, and the respective parents.  If your child is being bullied, being unfairly labeled as a bully, or you are in dispute with the school over an alleged bullying incident, contact our office.

William C. Peever, J.D.


Bill Peever has 15 years of experience in field of education and over 20 years of experience in complex mediation and negotiation.  In 2015 Bill graduated Cum Laude from New England Law, and opened The Massachusetts Advocacy Group. 

Bill is a compassionate person who genuinely cares for his clients, he understands that at the end of the meeting these parents still must be able to look into the eyes of their child’s teacher at pick up or a teacher conference, to this end he always attempts to collaborate with the school prior to resorting to more aggressive tactics.  This collaborative and non-adversarial approach to the process has garnered him the trust and respect of both his clients as well as the school districts that he has worked with. 

While Bill’s approach may not be as initially aggressive as some advocates who believe in asking for more than the child’s needs, and shouting over teachers in the team, his results are undeniable:

  • Successfully convinced school districts to fund placements in prominent private placements such as: Eagle Hill, Carrol School, and Landmark;

  • Successfully negotiated compensatory services at Lindamoon Bell Academy, Landmark summer programs, and Carrol summer programs;

  • Settling an education matter for a student by negotiating a significant settlement that included the district paying for four years at a highly regarded private school;

  • Convincing a highly regarded public school district to overturn a suspension because they violated the rights of their student;

  • Successfully representing students who have been suspended or expelled from their schools or programs;

  • Helping parents navigate the world of special education, including assisting with obtaining and implementing hundreds of individualized education plans or 504 plans, advocating for proper services and accommodations, and negotiating with school districts;

  • Educating schools about dyslexia and helped them implement programs for these students.

Community Involvement:

Bill Peever has sat on the board of directors of SpAN (Special Needs Advocacy Network, and is a member of SpAN, COPPA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates), as well as an active member of the IDA (International Dyslexia Association).  The Massachusetts Advocacy Group holds two to three educational seminars at their offices in Marblehead, where Bill helps families who are struggling with their children with Special Needs.

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