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Do you need an Advocate?

Is your child having academic, behavioral, or social difficulties and you don’t know the best way to communicate with his school?


Is your child eligible for special education services and you don’t know if her needs are being met?

Has the school told you that your child is not eligible for special education, but you feel that they are wrong?

Has the school denied your child their rights?

Is your child on an IEP however, their needs are still not being meet, and you are afraid that your son or daughter will fall further behind?


How we can help 


There are concrete steps you can take to ensure that your child is getting the help he or she may need. That’s where we can help by:

  • Empowering you with the information and strategies you need to have productive and positive conversations with your child’s school;

  • Analyze the evaluations that the school conducted for your child, and use this data to create a comprehensive, targeted approach to obtaining the best possible IEP for you child;

  • Help you understand what your child’s educational rights are; and

  • Work with you and he school to develop a plan that addresses your child’s individual needs.

Most importantly, we will help you develop a solid working relationship with your child’s school. Our end goal? To get you to a point where you are comfortable and confident advocating for your child on your own.

The truth is…no one knows your child better than you and that makes you a vital member of your child’s team. Sometimes it takes an advocate to remind the school about how important you are to this process.

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