This plan supports parents when meeting with the school.   Most parents experience a great sense of relief to have a professional on their side of the table during these important meetings.  The opportunity to let us take the lead within IEP, 504, and other important conversations, allows our client to focus on their child, his or her needs, instead of juggling complex issues including: Curriculum “Best Practices”, Special Education policies, hidden agendas, and an assortment of emotions (sometimes your own as well as others across the table!). 

The Direct Advocacy package, provides you assurance and confidence knowing you have the expertise of a professional educator – advocate working on your behalf at these complex meetings.  Our in-depth knowledge of special education, policies and procedures, and innovative interventions, allows you the opportunity to focus on your child, their strengths, as well as the challenges he or she may face at school.

Every MAG Advocacy plan begins in the same way, after an intake meeting with parents in our office or their home, we assist them to determine the best services for their child by:

  • Reviewing school records and assessment results

  • Observing the child at school

  • Meeting with the child or teenager

  • Meeting with the child’s pediatrician

  • Conferring with teachers, school personnel and other professionals who know and have worked with the child

  • Attending the child’s parent teacher conferences

After the initial meeting is set you will have the opportunity to pick from an a la cart menu of tools and resources that best fit both your financial and your child’s educational needs. 


MAG can and will:

  • Attend IEP meetings to explain and represent the child's needs and help others to understand the parents' expectations of the child's school experience

  • Hold strategy sessions with you, where we create concreate strategies for success.

  • Review the results of the school based special education testing with you and explain the results in terms that you will understand and be able to apply to your approach with the school.

  • Conduct our own private testing with a Special Education Professional and Certified Speech Pathologist

  • Confer with parents about the possibility of mediation

  • Providing ongoing support and advocacy including attending annual IEPs, and follow-up support.

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