All couples eventually find themselves on a troubled stretch of road in their relationship, most of the time I firmly believe that a couple can work these issues out for themselves.  However if you are finding yourselves in a place where you are fighting about the same issues, and feel as if you shout and shout the same words without your partner truly hearing you, you may need a bit of help. That is what I am here for.

Helping You Find Your Way Back To Each Other

In mediation each of you will be given the opportunity to tell your story.  Often this will be the first time you were able to openly talk about the issues that truly matter.  Differences in perspectives will be explored. To the greatest extent possible, barriers to communication will be removed and replaced by open and honest conversation. Various factors contributing to your conflict, including the not so obvious ones, will be identified. Solutions that address core issues and enhance reconciliation will be pursued. Relationship building exercises will be assigned. Prior to each session, I will create a new agenda based on the progress made. There is no additional charge for this ongoing, behind-the scenes, in-depth analysis of your relationship. This adds up to hours of effort on my part at no cost to you over the course of our time together. Throughout this process, I do not lose sight of the fact that the overarching goal is to transform your stressed and conflicted marriage into a more connected and peaceful one.


Mediation is safe place, and a mediator can never be compelled to disclose what is said in mediation due to the confidentiality clause in your contract; this means that should you not be able to resolve your conflict, what is said in mediation cannot be used against you in a divorce hearing.  

About William Peever, B.S. J.D.


Bill has attended and received over 1000 hours training in mediation, family and divorce law, divorce and its effect on families and children, finances and divorce, tax law related to divorce, child development, substance abuse and domestic violence.  He received a B.S. in mediation from Bennington College, and was first certified in divorce and family mediation fifteen years ago by Johnson State University in Vermont.  Bill continued his education in dispute resolution, and graduated in the top ten percent from law school, earning a special recognition award in the field of Mediation and Dispute Resolution.  

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