Our Clear Alternative

Once we, as a united team of parent and advocate, have determined what services would be best for your child, MAG will write a letter to the school district requesting special education testing for your child. Now the ball will begin to roll. 


It is critical that we set the tone for the next steps as creating the best educational plan for your child requires a set of decisions that will last a lifetime. The guidance, insight of a professional advocate is instrumental to getting the job done right whether through an IEP or a 504 Plan.


This is where our unique team works in your favor, we have an intuitive understanding of kids, a dynamic approach to intervention, and our in-depth “insiders” experience, guides our practice and supports you and your child’s education plan. Through partnership and collaboration, based upon our collective of experience, you will immediately experience a difference working with our support.

The Packages

Supporting parents through expertise and “insider’s guidance”; developing a strategic plan as you serve as your child’s advocate.

Directly working with parents by attending meetings including IEP, 504 Plan, and disciplinary hearings. 

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